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About Curium

Bringing-in Intelligence into Operating Room

Curium Works in various areas of Surgical Intelligence including Surgical Radiology in abdominal wall surgery, Intra-Operative guidance, Surgical Performance Assessment and Surgical decision making

Why Curium?

Surgical Intelligence by Surgeons

Meet the Team – Founders

Dr.Vinayak Rengan
Founder & Clinical Lead
Balu Seetharam
Co-founder & Product Mgr
Co-founder & Tech Head

Meet the Team – Surgical

Dr.Eham Arora
Assistant Prof, Grant Medical College, Mumbai.
Director, Medical Operations
Dr.Pravin M Sundaram
Consultant Surgeon, Chennai.
Surgeon lead

Meet the Team – Deep Tech

Prof Ganapathy Krishnamurthi
Prof of Engineering Design IIT Madras
Research Mentor
Dr.Rohit Kalla
Senior Research Scientist – Deep Tech

Meet the Team – Advisors

Prof Ashvind Bawa
Professor of Surgery DMC Ludhiana
Prof Naveen Alexander
Professor of Surgery SRMC Chennai
Kiran Anandampillai
Founder idrishti
Adv(Tech) at National Health Authority

Curium Careers

Curium is currently hiring medical and Surgical students as interns in various AI/ML research programs. Interns should ideally be medical students with a background of medical statistics and publishing with an interest in datascience. Send your resume to info@curium.life